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I can't handle how I feel

Emotional rollercoaster (8)
I just don't know (5)
Codependency is Killing Me (10)
Just need to air this out somewhere; not looking for help (3)
I can’t do this (3)
Lost in my feelings (10)
What am I supposed to do? (4)
About life, love and work (7)
Everythings killing me inside (6)
Isolation and Excommunication (3)
Don't know what to think (3)
I need someone to talk to, I need a friend (7)
Dealing with Anxiety and Depression (4)
Depression is practically controlling me and I cant keep on suffering like this (3)
I can't control anything that's going on (2)
Drug addiction beginnings? (3)
I feel like I want to die, but I’m so scared (3)
I don’t deserve this (5)
I’m scared, not sure why (2)
Heart Broken and Sad (3)
I don’t know what to do anymore (3)
Just broke up and feeling down (4)
I don't like my own body (7)
I don't know what to do anymore...? (4)
Why is this death different than others? (3)
Heartache is killing me (4)
Heartbroken idk how to make this 15 characters (2)
Everything went bad (5)
Heartbroken/pissed off (3)
Feeling Awful of myself (6)