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I can't handle how I feel

I'm not going to put anything crazy here (1)
Feeling different then others because how I look and what I donโ€™t have (9)
I Ruined My Marriage (5)
I Was Very Hurt and Humilated Today (9)
A mom who feels lost (4)
Depressed,past abuse from husband,feeling alone (15)
Panic attacks/Anxiety over this (13)
I almost relapsed (3)
Slowly I Am Moving Forward But Still (3)
What should I do? (2)
Not sure how to keep the depression at bay (9)
Letting go of dreams (5)
Depressed....again (2)
Not sure how to react or what to do (2)
No puedo mas con esto (6)
How much do feelings actually matter? (3)
Post Concert Depression (5)
I'm doing ok but it still sucks (4)
I lost my best friend and partner ๐Ÿ˜” (3)
I'm about to lose my dog (4)
I should do this and I want to but I feel so insecure (4)
I cannot deal with how she treated me all this time (10)
The Sun doesn't shine, it blinds (4)
Submerged in negativity, looking for advice (4)
I hope everyone is ok (6)
Delusional to the max (5)
Having a real hard time existing (6)
A vicious cycle (4)
I don't know how I feel (3)
I have been replasing for two weeks ( self abuse)/ Im an abuse person that hurt love ones (3)