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I can't handle how I feel

Struggling with bad anxiety (3)
Overbearing feelings that I can't deal with (4)
I can't take this (2)
It’s all crashing down like a stash of books (3)
I can’t remember (17)
Have so much anxiety (5)
I'm sorry, but I'm broken (2)
Rant about my messed up life (2)
Is my recovery soon over? (9)
I was right, I'm slipping again (5)
Emotionally Stagnate ( 2 ) (26)
Suicide may be the answer but, i feel like i can be better but cant (5)
I cant handle how i feel (Part One) (3)
Depressed and not coping (7)
I don’t want to keep fighting (8)
No self Confidence what so ever (7)
Intense feelings of jealousy (3)
Depressed,past abuse from husband,feeling alone (13)
Signing Off for the Last Time (4)
Emotional rollercoaster (8)
I just don't know (5)
Codependency is Killing Me (10)
Just need to air this out somewhere; not looking for help (3)
I can’t do this (3)
Lost in my feelings (10)
What am I supposed to do? (4)
About life, love and work (7)
Everythings killing me inside (6)
Isolation and Excommunication (3)
Don't know what to think (3)