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I can't handle this

I don’t know what to do with my life (2)
Anxiety, depression, intimacy (3)
Dreamed of suicide and even imagined of it (12)
I'm done trying (5)
Im done with how i feel right now (5)
Time Doesn't Heal (2)
Trying to get rid of a toxic family (3)
Ready to give up (2)
I feel worthless and I think I deserve it (15)
I don’t know how to feel anymore (5)
Not okay today. Struggling with miscarriage heartache (3)
My depression and insecurities are back (3)
Sorry I'm posting again (4)
Future scares me (3)
My heart is hurting too much (14)
Trying to heal from an abusive relationship (3)
Worthless painful mind (4)
Starting out lives over (5)
I have no friends (3)
Back to square one? (7)
I've got no Coping Skills Today (9)
Out of my hands (4)
Feeling a bit lost and out of it (7)
I'm lonely, stressed, overwhelmed, and confused (6)
Feeling hated and worthless (3)
Numbness at its finest, rock bottom (3)
Im thinking being alone? third week of repasling (2)
Is a toxic father worth it? (8)
So stuck, is this worth it anymore? (5)
Losing custody of my child (2)