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I can't handle this

Afraid to go to school (3)
Vanished without a trace (1)
And here comes the relapse (2)
It happened. My worst nightmare (1)
Try to hide my demons (2)
I just can't take it nomore 😭 (12)
I need help for my mood swings (4)
Heartbroken from shattered dreams (5)
My dog’s dying... help (6)
I keep making the same mistakes (2)
My family destoryed and it my fault. Im a pecie of shit (3)
I've been getting threatened (5)
Negativity sucks (4)
Im sick of life and am trying to get through the holidays (3)
I can’t take this (3)
I don't know what to do, I'm lost (7)
I know this is long, but please read (19)
My feelings don’t matter (8)
I can't trust my own thoughts (7)
I feel I failed myself (3)
Everything is heavy (4)
I'm losing my will and control, I'm a cliche (2)
I'm literally going insane (2)
Spiritual Attacks (4)
So so very alone (5)
My ex has started to stalk me after 3 years of silence (5)
My heart is so broken Please help (7)
Scared and desperate (7)
I relapsed last night (5)
What's the point (4)