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I can't handle this

Weird thoughts I keep getting (10)
The truth I'll never tell (3)
I need someone's help (7)
It won’t end unless I’m dead (5)
I am tired of living (13)
I'm so conflicted (4)
Help me, I'm lost and I don't know what to do (8)
Soul broken because of rape (9)
I'm losing control of myself (17)
My life is upside down (6)
Help me please 😭 (5)
It´s me, again... (It says the title is too short so just ignore this) (9)
Its really hard for me to write this (5)
Sad after concert (6)
I lost my best friend (11)
Finally reached my breaking point (6)
How do I love again? (8)
I live with an alclohol addict. I've never had a break (3)
I need your help (7)
Can't go on anymore without my mother (6)
Is life even worth it? (5)
I am worthless and ugly (8)
I cant hide this anymore and i dont know what to do (7)
School, my ex & bf, and stuff (2)
Just need to get my thoughts out (4)
My life rn in a nutshell (3)
Too hurt and too lost (4)
When my brain blocks my schooling (4)
Need prayer/advice/support (3)
Uhh relapsing? i guess (5)