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I feel alone

Lonely in need of a friend (6)
I am struggling (3)
Struggling a lot with life issues (12)
I don't matter enough to live (9)
Do you ever get too old to go onwards? (4)
A small bit of hope for everyone (3)
Having a rough time (3)
I am feeling lost (3)
Friends are a lie, relapse and setbacks (5)
Times are tough (5)
I still love her, now what do I do? (5)
Isolation and desperation (6)
I‘m not feeling noticed, or heard (4)
A big loss of friends (3)
New student new School (7)
My first time reaching out (9)
Loneliness. I hate this (2)
Depression/loneliness/Fear (6)
Never ending problems (2)
My girlfriend cheats on me and neglects me and our son (4)
Alone and Miserable (5)
I guess I'm feeling numb (4)
I feel alone, what do i do (3)
Feeling alone today (3)
I need some advise please (5)
I feel hopeless and depressed (2)
I feel alone and No one try’s to help anymore (3)
I didn’t know how to title this so I did this as a title (4)
I'm hopeless and suicidal (6)
I need advice help pleaseeeeeeeeeeee (12)