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I feel alone

I feel like I'll always be alone (1)
Want all the abuse and pain to stop (3)
Floating all by myself (5)
I have no friends, hoping to make some new friends here! (8)
Lack of Friends (4)
Relationships and friendships (3)
Things are rough (6)
I feel like I will never be accepted (6)
The past few days it’s been hard to get out of bed (7)
Nothing seems to get better (5)
Don't know what to do (7)
Am I good for anything (6)
My life is ridiculous (16)
My family struggle (2)
Ditched in a place I shouldn't have even been (3)
The Endless cycle (3)
It never ends, I feel so trapped (10)
I never thought I'd be this person (4)
Oh yeah in addition (5)
Difficulties With Sexuality and Traumatic Memories (10)
Does anyone even care? (4)
Depressed for no reason - can anyone relate? (6)
I feel lonely everywhere I go (8)
Stuck in my feels (3)
I dont know if I can do this anymore (2)
Hey, wrote this to vent a bit (2)
No one cares about me (3)
Honestly i don't know what to do anymore (9)
8 days sober today (2)
Words are killing me (8)