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I feel alone

My friend came over today (4)
Missing my new friends (4)
Is there even an answer? (3)
Is It Normal To Love A Anime Charcter (2)
Lost Job, Apartment , single mom, depressed, anxious (3)
Stressed to the max (3)
Needed to get stuff off my chest (3)
I don’t even know what to say (3)
I feel alone just because I’m different then others (8)
Feeling depressed or empty after highschool or give up on my passion (4)
Hi... I’m back again, and I’m worse shape then when I left (4)
Skin picking and hair pulling (kinda graphic, tw) (3)
I think my friend is dead (6)
Bored and lonely (3)
I've never felt so lonely (3)
Lonely waste of space (5)
Lost in depression (4)
I don’t know my identity or who I am? (3)
My mind is in prison, in a wheelchair, and blind (2)
Im lonley and no one care about me (4)
I suffer from a Traumatic brain injury. (5)
Pain and so afraid (6)
Don't know what to do for my future (2)
I felt alone everywhere (3)
Tired Alone Depressed (13)
A total unloved failure (4)
Alone, Scared, disconnected and stuck (3)
Epilepsy, Cancer, Single Father and Music (4)
Kind of an update to my last post (2)
Trying to find steady ground (2)