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I feel alone

Feeling lonely (no friends and especially no girlfriend) (9)
I have no one to help me ( 2 ) (22)
Lonelier than ever before (4)
That loneliness is kiling me (6)
I dont think my friends care (4)
I'm being forgotten and it hurts to be invisible (6)
I've Lost Another Friend Recently (3)
Favorite song rn (I'm depressed and need something to listen to) ( 2 ) (24)
Alone in a room full of people (5)
My Story (First Post) (7)
I feel severely depressed (5)
I’ve been so close to ending it these days (8)
Friends and losing that (9)
Family issues, work, and a little bit of loneliness (6)
Scared of the Darkness (5)
Isolation is breaking my will (6)
I seriously need advice l: I’m desperate (9)
Lonely in need of a friend (6)
I am struggling (3)
Struggling a lot with life issues (12)
I don't matter enough to live (9)
Do you ever get too old to go onwards? (4)
A small bit of hope for everyone (3)
Having a rough time (3)
I am feeling lost (3)
Friends are a lie, relapse and setbacks (5)
Times are tough (5)
I still love her, now what do I do? (5)
Isolation and desperation (6)
I‘m not feeling noticed, or heard (4)