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I feel disgusting

I don't see a point in life no more (5)
I'm numb and relapsing (2)
I’ve been ghosted but I’m also the ghoster (3)
I finally decided to reach out about my addiction (6)
Broke someone's heart in the worst way possible and I can't forgive myself (11)
Guilt and anger (2)
I’m not a good person (7)
I feel so stupid and disgusting now (7)
I can’t break these bad habits (7)
I feel so stupid and disgusting (13)
Not fitting in. Confused (4)
Recovering from Eating Disorder & Pregnant (7)
I need help I can’t control it (2)
Still struggling with my sexuality/why is dating so hard (7)
Anxious and ashamed (6)
Starting all over again (5)
I don't know what I'm doing anymore (3)
I don’t know what to do... :/ (3)
Eating disorder relapse (8)
I don't even know where to start (11)
Struggling with appearance (17)
I am disgusting because of my attention needs (4)
I want to skip tomorrow (8)
It Always Comes Crashing Back (5)