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I feel helpless

Confrontation is necessary (5)
My relationship is falling apart (2)
Hopeless, empty, and eternally suffering! (3)
I'm tired of everything (3)
I struggle with homosexuality (8)
I'm scared I can't keep the blackness away (4)
Ignore this post can’t get it deleted (3)
Trying to sit with hard emotions (6)
Moving and losing therapy (4)
I can see it all slipping away. I just wish I could go back (2)
Does anyone understand? (Life Story) (8)
I need a little strength (7)
Worried it's too late to fix my life (17)
I feel like I'm drowning in this pain (6)
It's not getting better (5)
I feel like I don't belong in this world! (4)
What would you do in my shoes? (10)
What do I do to get past the pain (2)
Drowning in vodka (7)
I’m admitting it to myself (12)
How do I find out who I am going through this? (4)
All my friends keep dying (6)
Pornography and social media is wearing me down (10)
Cuts and bruises, self harm (3)
Help, I feel like I’m losing this battle with depression (3)
This is hard but does it not seem as bad? (5)
I Am Losing Faith (3)
It’s been a while (2)
Struggling in life (6)
Everything i do...i just feel like i keep making mistakes (3)