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I feel helpless

Feeling lost and abandoned and alone (3)
Selfishness is sick (4)
Not dealing with life well (6)
Becoming crippled in the army, gradually walking closer to Suicide (6)
Please help, My mother needs help (9)
Failed at it again (6)
Tough spot to be in (5)
The indenial urge (6)
Why is it so hard to forgive myself (3)
I give up on people (3)
I feel depressed and hopeless. I don't know what to do (8)
I hate it! The voices (4)
I struggled so much today (4)
Broken (but apparently that's too short of a title.) (4)
Where do I go from here (3)
Employment interview (4)
I am very worried for my parents (3)
Trying to make it work (3)
I don't know who I am (3)
Feeling defeated in it all (2)
Stressed and Losing Control of Things (3)
I feel nothing. I can’t do anything (5)
Stress/depression (5)
I don't know how I can help better (6)
This isn't who I want to be (2)
Alone and helpless (3)
I'm so lost, I don't know what to do (2)
Being afraid of reaching out (3)
Cause maybe... you're gonna be the one that saves me (3)
I feel like no one cares and ive been starting to contemplate suicide (3)