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I feel helpless

I’m admitting it to myself (10)
All my friends keep dying (6)
I need a little strength (6)
Pornography and social media is wearing me down (10)
Cuts and bruises, self harm (3)
Help, I feel like I’m losing this battle with depression (3)
This is hard but does it not seem as bad? (5)
I Am Losing Faith (3)
It’s been a while (2)
Struggling in life (6)
Everything i do...i just feel like i keep making mistakes (3)
Confusing recent breakup (5)
Life post traumatic experience (2)
My cocaine addicted teenage son (2)
I Fear I’ll Lose My Sister To Death & Addiction (5)
Self harm relaps (3)
Moving and losing therapy (2)
I honestly dont know anymore (3)
Struggling and endless panic (3)
Was this all my life is meant to be (5)
I’m new here and need some support (6)
In need of support (10)
My grandfather is dying (3)
I don't see the point in moving on (3)
Feeling lost and abandoned and alone (4)
Selfishness is sick (4)
Not dealing with life well (6)
Becoming crippled in the army, gradually walking closer to Suicide (6)
Please help, My mother needs help (9)
Failed at it again (6)