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I feel helpless

I feel nothing. I can’t do anything (5)
Stress/depression (5)
I hate it! The voices (3)
I don't know how I can help better (6)
This isn't who I want to be (2)
Alone and helpless (3)
I'm so lost, I don't know what to do (2)
Being afraid of reaching out (3)
Cause maybe... you're gonna be the one that saves me (3)
I feel like no one cares and ive been starting to contemplate suicide (3)
I’m tired of tending to this fire (6)
How do I ask for help when I've been let down so much? (5)
I feel helpless and very stressed out (4)
My love my life (3)
I'm terrified of someone I shouldn't be (4)
Hard night for me again (3)
I need your help, things are really bad (7)
2018 has been hell (4)
Dan, Casey...anyone...I need help (4)
Please help, My mother needs help (8)
Memories messing up life (5)
Why am I me? Why am I still alive? (13)
It's been a Long Year (7)
Feeling useless and helpless (10)
Don’t want this divorce (7)
I don't know how to feel anymore (7)
Struggling in life (5)
I’m struggling with wanting to be alive (8)
I’m scared of being abandoned again (5)
No control of my life, dealing with toxic stalker (4)