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I feel helpless

It's been a Long Year (7)
Feeling useless and helpless (10)
Don’t want this divorce (7)
I don't know how to feel anymore (7)
Struggling in life (5)
I’m struggling with wanting to be alive (8)
I’m scared of being abandoned again (5)
No control of my life, dealing with toxic stalker (4)
Im scared, i need help (4)
Can I have a normal life? (7)
Stuck and helpless (2)
I'm in SO much pain (2)
I dont know what to do anymore (5)
This ED relapse is killing me (6)
New chapter and newly discovered problems (4)
My mother is broken (5)
Im running on empty and i need help. i cant keep on going like this (3)
This really sucks (4)
Addiction, pain, self harm, abuse (5)
I’m exhausted with life (3)
Struggling with life (3)
Feeling not "good enough" to be a mom to an animal (3)
I really dont know what to do in my situation (3)
My moms health issues (8)
Missing my friends (4)
My recent struggles (7)
Dealing with death (5)
New here from Pittsburgh (4)
My dad is dying and I’m moving (4)
Down again and I want to give up (6)