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I feel helpless

I am very worried for my parents (3)
Trying to make it work (3)
I don't know who I am (3)
Feeling defeated in it all (2)
Stressed and Losing Control of Things (3)
I feel nothing. I can’t do anything (5)
Stress/depression (5)
I don't know how I can help better (6)
This isn't who I want to be (2)
Alone and helpless (3)
I'm so lost, I don't know what to do (2)
Being afraid of reaching out (3)
Cause maybe... you're gonna be the one that saves me (3)
I feel like no one cares and ive been starting to contemplate suicide (3)
I’m tired of tending to this fire (6)
How do I ask for help when I've been let down so much? (5)
I feel helpless and very stressed out (4)
My love my life (3)
I'm terrified of someone I shouldn't be (4)
Hard night for me again (3)
I need your help, things are really bad (7)
2018 has been hell (4)
Dan, Casey...anyone...I need help (4)
Memories messing up life (5)
Why am I me? Why am I still alive? (13)
It's been a Long Year (7)
Feeling useless and helpless (10)
Don’t want this divorce (7)
I don't know how to feel anymore (7)
Struggling in life (5)