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I feel not good enough

Okay i guess this is it (5)
Felling that i don't belong anywhere (11)
How do I know I'm important? (5)
In complete despair (5)
What wrong with me (6)
I Can't People Please Enough (8)
Self Doubt and Bogged Down (2)
I'm never going to amount to anything (3)
What the hell is wrong with me (13)
I don’t want to burden this community...this is embarrassing (10)
I don't feel human anymore (3)
I hope I’m good enough (2)
Going downhill again (5)
Stuck in a rut, no way to dig out (4)
A Struggling Mentor (3)
Struggling with a lot (2)
Oofers i'm deep in it (3)
I'll never be enough for anyone (3)
Will I ever be good enough (4)
To anyone who needs this (3)
I shouldn't have been forgiven so easily (5)
In love after a very very very very very long time (2)
Feeling guilty for being accepted (6)
Feeling Like a Bad Friend (7)
Am I good enough for HS? (5)
I dont know what to do anymore... :( (3)
Crying in a Parkinglot (4)
My words mean nothing unless they come out of somebody else’s mouth (5)
Why I can´t be like someone else? (4)
Trying to be true to my self / hiding behind a mask (4)