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I feel not good enough

I hope I’m good enough (2)
Going downhill again (5)
Stuck in a rut... **TMI WARNING** (4)
A Struggling Mentor (3)
Struggling with a lot (2)
I'm lost and confused (3)
I'll never be enough for anyone (3)
Will I ever be good enough (4)
To anyone who needs this (3)
I shouldn't have been forgiven so easily (5)
In love after a very very very very very long time (2)
Feeling guilty for being accepted (6)
Feeling Like a Bad Friend (7)
Am I good enough for HS? (5)
I dont know what to do anymore... :( (3)
Crying in a Parkinglot (4)
My words mean nothing unless they come out of somebody else’s mouth (5)
Why I can´t be like someone else? (4)
Trying to be true to my self / hiding behind a mask (4)
Self worth and how to turn mistakes into blessings (4)
Feel like I'm going no where in life (3)
Feeling worthless (13)
Feeling lonely at Uni (3)
Feeling hopeless (5)
I'm devastated.... its hard to put these thoughts to paper (3)
I'm never anyones first choice (9)
I need someone 🙁 (12)
Lost job and struggling (5)
Exhausted, mentally and physically (5)
I am not good enough to be here (3)