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I feel powerless

I want to help but don't know how (2)
I’m trying so hard (5)
I can't understand who I need to be (7)
I’m scared of what is to come (6)
The girl that I love with everything I have (12)
Feeling like I do everything wrong in my life (7)
Tough Day Today (8)
I am weak, beaten by others and due to my damage, nobody needs me (9)
My life is seemingly going nowhere (5)
Struggling to stay afloat (2)
Is this really toxic/unhealthy? (8)
Scared my friend will hurt himself (6)
I've got my dream job and yet I still feel like life isn't worth living (3)
Financial aid for college (9)
Pills have ahold of me (6)
Update on the Oldest (2)
Hello my name’s Nathan (6)
Breaking down help (5)
Dealing with more self harm than just my own (10)
Struggling to be Supportive (3)
Stuck in a medical/emotional rut (6)
Personal struggles involving the family (13)
I hate my body and I cannot accept it (15)