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I feel powerless

Injured and now I can't do what I love (4)
Grieving and addiction. He’s gone (3)
I've lost all hope and aspirations (2)
I'm drowning, always (2)
Why do people look away? (16)
This just feels like delaying tactics, not healing (5)
My life and what I am going through (its a seriously) (2)
The Story of my Sexual Addiction (11)
Having Hatred In My Heart (4)
Drinking all the time (4)
Lost a close friend (9)
Pills have ahold of me (7)
Self abuse, no control, out of opitions (5)
The girl that I love with everything I have (18)
All you care about is what movie is playing at the theater and your fucking BBQ chips! (5)
I'm tired and I just want to sleep (2)
This is just me venting (2)
At the verge of breaking the heck down (3)
Sorry, this is just something to get stuff out of my head (8)
Depression is relentless (6)
Not Good Enough (3)
Am I even capable of anything? (3)
I need help ASAP.. please (4)
Bipolar schizoaffective (3)
Long time no talk (3)
I need help.. I don't know what to do (4)
Im at a lost in my life (9)
School bullying scars, yeehaw (3)
I will never find a partner (8)
Fear Controls Me (8)