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I feel powerless

I’m not sure right now (3)
Where am I at? Where have I been? (5)
The Lie of Marriage (topic is about sex and lack of intimacy) (18)
I wish things were different (9)
I’ve made up my mind I think (5)
I cant handle this . this is tooo much for my health (4)
My life is pure chaos (5)
I can't change the inevitable (2)
The Canadian Healthcare system is free, but flawed (2)
Lost all hope, found it, then lost it again (2)
I don’t know what to do... sos (5)
I will never find a partner (7)
Can't ease the trauma of others (3)
My family has control of my life (5)
I think I might slip again (2)
Family struggles getting to me (4)
Getting out of bed feels impossible (4)
The End Of The Road: Powerless and Anxious (3)
I had an intense conversation with someone and I don’t know how to help her or me (6)
Lately i feel like im always afraid/anxious (4)
I wish I was better at helping (5)
I want to help but don't know how (2)
I’m trying so hard (5)
I can't understand who I need to be (7)
I’m scared of what is to come (6)
The girl that I love with everything I have (12)
Feeling like I do everything wrong in my life (7)
Tough Day Today (8)
I am weak, beaten by others and due to my damage, nobody needs me (9)
My life is seemingly going nowhere (5)