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I feel stuck

God's timing vs my own (7)
I am exhausted physically and mentally (3)
Desmotivated / no energy (6)
Lost, done and over (2)
It's been a while... and I'm feeling really hurt and stuck (4)
Stuck again and close to losing my job most likely 😞 (6)
Need some inspiration (7)
Please help! I need advice (4)
11 years sober. Now I'm drinking again (2)
I been repeating my mistakes (2)
I can’t think of anything creative (7)
What’s next for a pathetic girl (9)
Grief left to Rot (4)
What's the meaning of life? (6)
I’m feeling burnt out (3)
My Mother Has Become A Burden To Me (4)
Feeling stuck and useless (3)
Drug bandages, family (2)
I'm in a strange place (5)
Weird sensations (5)
I feel invisible (3)
I dont know whats happening (2)
Meant to be admitted. I'm terrified (5)
Anyone Else just feel stuck and unhappy (3)
War inside my head (3)
I don't know what's wrong with me (3)
Band drama/ I hate the people I jam with (5)
Anxiety/trigger (2)
Feeling Lost and Alone. I need to escape the Matrix (5)
Never seems to end (3)