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I hate myself

Why am I so worthless? (12)
Failure and Guilt (4)
I’ve tried and failed so many times. I can’t keep this up (9)
Everything seems to be getting worse (8)
Why am I even trying with college (7)
I just can't see it. (5)
I’m very tired of my nonexistent social life (9)
Back to self harm (5)
No longer happy (4)
Letting the past control me (Steel) (5)
Comparing myself to others again (5)
I can't forgive myself for the pain I've inflicted on myself (3)
Abandoned and Abused? (4)
What is wrong with me? (4)
Why am I a bad friend (5)
My marriage might end in separation and I desperately don’t want to lose my wife (5)
I can’t stop thinking about what I did (5)
I can’t take it anymore at home (6)
I'm a loser who's to afraid to do anything to change his life for the better ( 2 ) (26)
My sexual assault and self harm (4)
I'm such a screw up (3)
I feel fat, even though i'm "skinny" (7)
I cant do this anymore (4)
Please help me, I don't know if I can do this (5)
Today I start the road to end my suffering while learning to live my life (5)
I think that I'm a nothing anymore (4)
Bad thoughts in My head (5)
I would like to be a human, thanks (17)
I’m not ok (I promise) (4)
I’m falling apart (5)