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I hate myself

Abandoned and Abused? (4)
What is wrong with me? (4)
Why am I a bad friend (5)
My marriage might end in separation and I desperately don’t want to lose my wife (5)
I just can't see it. (4)
I can’t stop thinking about what I did (5)
I can’t take it anymore at home (6)
I'm a loser who's to afraid to do anything to change his life for the better ( 2 ) (26)
My sexual assault and self harm (4)
I'm such a screw up (3)
I feel fat, even though i'm "skinny" (7)
Why am I so worthless? (7)
I cant do this anymore (4)
Please help me, I don't know if I can do this (5)
Today I start the road to end my suffering while learning to live my life (5)
I think that I'm a nothing anymore (4)
Bad thoughts in My head (5)
I would like to be a human, thanks (17)
I’m not ok (I promise) (4)
I’m falling apart (5)
No one hates me like I hate me (4)
I feel hurt and afraid (9)
Why am I never good enough, why can I never accomplish anything (9)
I feel like such a dick (5)
Lost my girl and now I hate myself (6)
I feel like I'm going to relapse (5)
Self worth struggles (5)
I wish I could float away some days (3)
I’m not okay. I don’t know what to do (8)
The stakes in life (7)