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I'm better off dead

Jokingly got told this, but it bothered me (9)
So numb what point is there to life (3)
Suicidal and scared (4)
I've tried overdosing again and I'm still alive (4)
Is Anyone There? (4)
This is the End (4)
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Im Not Dead Yet (3)
Do I Even Belong Here Anymore (7)
I'm sorry, I don't think I can do it (5)
I don't think anyone can stop me (12)
I've just cut myself again (5)
It's all too much (7)
I Don't Even Know What To Say (4)
I cant do anything right (8)
I Give up can’t take this anymore (3)
I'm done, I want it to go away (2)
I dont want to be alive (4)
I stayed stayed alive just to hate life more? (2)
I'm alone and scared (5)
No point to life! (4)
Are things going to improve? Or am I really stuck? I feel like crap (6)
Life feels like it’s the end hopeless right now (4)
I dont deserve to be here or alive (4)
Today’s the day I end it ( 2 ) (22)
I think im going to end my life tonight(TW) (5)
Good bye family (2)
I can’t relapse if I’m not here (4)
The dark pieces (9)