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I'm better off dead

Im most likely better off dead (5)
I keep failing why can't i get it right? (2)
No one would care if i died (5)
I’ve lost my will to live (8)
I’m better off being non existent (3)
I don’t know what to do, I’m getting worse (3)
I don't know if my life is worth living (8)
My mind drifts of me killing myself (5)
Feeling so unless and unwanted (5)
I am so, so tired of being alive (13)
I’m a hopeless mess (3)
My Birthday is in 5 days and i hope its my last day. (Kinda Long) (3)
I don’t want to live anymore (14)
I don't want to live but not suicidal (12)
I've been trying to kill myself for the past 3 nights ( 2 ) (24)
I can’t see myself living past 20 (2)
I don’t want to be here (2)
Listening to my brain (3)
I don't see a future for myself (3)
I don’t really know how to feel honestly (7)
Standard depression and suicidal thoughts, come have a chat! (11)
Worthless Waste of Space (3)
I’m tired and idk what to do anymore (11)
Make me promise (13)
I Dont want to be alive anymore (3)
Why am I even here (6)
No one will miss me (11)
Idk what to do anymore and i feel unwanted (3)
Over this stupid Depression (2)
I failed 8 times in 3 days (3)