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I'm better off dead

I want to give up and kill myself (7)
I’ve hit my rock bottom (4)
Am I really that much of a failure? (4)
I dont know what I'm doing anymore (3)
Well, At Least I Know Now (7)
Still lost in my mind (2)
My grandma hates me (11)
I don't know if I'll make it (13)
Better off dead because I am worthless (7)
Suicide is my only hope (4)
I am suffering terribly (2)
I'm never going to be enough (2)
I just don’t want to be here anymore (3)
Bruises don't just hurt physically (4)
My life ends this year im done (9)
2 weeks int 2019 and im still a ragdoll (3)
I don't wanna be here anymore (3)
I want to kill myself so badly😖 (5)
I Don’t Need Help Anymore (6)
Back to where I was (10)
Can't die quite yet (2)
I just need to vent (3)
I don’t want to feel anymore (5)
I'm giving up on this life Im ready to move on (3)
Stuck and dying inside (5)
I want to go home and kill myself (3)
Time for me to go (update: I'm okay) (5)
Doomed since birth (3)
I'm not worth it, why do I try? (13)
End of the road pt2 (4)