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I'm better off dead

At the end of my ropes. I want to die (2)
I feel alone and helpless (8)
Losing My Virginity to Rape (6)
I can never over come anxiety (2)
I became everything i hate (3)
LIFE IS OVER.... There's nothing for me anymore (7)
I don’t know why I feel this way (8)
I hate this i don't understand (3)
Why is life worth it? (2)
My ex/boyfriend whatever he is (6)
Is this really what my future is? (3)
Everybodies gone (4)
It’s all just too much (5)
I don’t want to fight this battle anymore (7)
Im done with life (5)
Wha if I’m not good for nothing (2)
Feel like i dont deserve to be alive (3)
My suicide note (11)
Tried killing myself an hour ago (3)
I just tried suffocating myself twice (5)
Feeling like crap about myself (3)
Struggling lately (5)
What’s the point of this anymore? (3)
I've been waiting too long (3)
Why not to kill yourself (5)
God is greater and help me overcome (11)
I want to give up and kill myself (7)
I’ve hit my rock bottom (4)
Am I really that much of a failure? (4)
I dont know what I'm doing anymore (3)