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I'm on my own

I just feel numb, and I can't tell if it's normal (6)
Even more paranoid and annoying (6)
I’m 6 months sober but I’m drowning in resentment (3)
Celebrating Christmas alone, my own way (3)
The hollow pit of sorrow (3)
Dealing with lonliness (8)
I’m gonna be homeless (2)
For anyone who needs this (3)
I'm having a rather tough time (5)
I am unloveable (10)
Ex's,Surgery and regret/reminiscents (4)
School is the absolute worst (4)
This song describes my life (6)
If only blood was thicker than water (5)
My struggle and over coming it (5)
Not sure what I’m looking for (4)
Explaining my depression to other people (6)
Screaming on the inside but staying silent on the inside (5)
Pregnancy Update/Most Unexpected Thing Happened Today (5)
Faith, Trust, Hope, and a little Rock & Roll (5)
Worst experience of my life, then what? (5)
Another day. Maybe tomorrow will be better (5)
Feelings of loneliness (5)