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It will never get better

This has been bothering me for years! (2)
If you take the time to read and hear me, will you just tell me that you're there? (6)
Lost, scared, hopeless (4)
I feel like I’m on the edge (2)
Not Sure I Can Keep Going (9)
I just can’t be happy I guess (3)
My life in a nutshell! (6)
Words have finally killed my hope (3)
Relapse or die ... doesn't feel like there's a third option (4)
In a bad place today (5)
It’s never going to get better (5)
Gonna end up dead or in a psych ward by the end of April (5)
I need help/or guidance (2)
Where Do I Belong? (3)
I had another panic attack (9)
Struggling again (6)
I haven’t change (5)
Relapse... maybe i'm alone (3)
I feel like im giving up (4)
I can’t handle anything anymore (7)
Frustrated Cant Escape Eating Disorder Problems (3)
How long it been since feen rested (8)
Just need someone to listen to me (8)
LIFE IS OVER... It'll never get better (4)
You would think I'd be use to this by now (3)
Delete feengid, delete delete (5)
Help me to help myself. Please (4)
Losing all hope (3)
Struggling/emptyness (13)
I was raped at 7 (4)