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It will never get better

Struggling/emptyness (12)
Performing, anxiety (3)
I’m losing hope... and community? (4)
Transgenders are normal people we are! (4)
I feel hopeless and powerless and like nothing will ever get better (5)
I hate myself, I want out of this hole I'm in (9)
Nothing matters (6)
Life is a pointless void (8)
Why is the darkness still here? (Long intro, sorry) (6)
Do I even want to recover? (6)
Scared for what the future holds for me (2)
What if I wake up one day and my friends are gone (5)
I'm chronically homeless, angry and afraid (2)
Stuck in my head (5)
Depressed and don’t know what to do (3)
I'm going through h*'ll right now (8)
I’m in so much pain (4)