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It's not that bad

CBD and anxiety (3)
Dealing with things (5)
Daily Silver Linings (10)
I'm finally starting to forgive my bullies (3)
I just opened up to my dad about my problems since he has been gone for so long (4)
Just a reminder that someone cares (2)
Self, love, beauty (5)
To all the people alone on Valentine’s Day (4)
First therapy session ever (4)
Thank you so much (3)
Let's come together! (4)
Well thats a wrap (6)
Having a small anxiety/panic attack (2)
I relapsed but... It's okay (5)
Playing dad at 15 (9)
Wage Slave or Entitled? (5)
Songs for Hardtimes (7)
Feelin alright:) (4)
Ok, well i guess this is it (5)
I don't understand what is going on (7)
I will manage, i will get better (5)