1000 Words: Day Two

Word Count: 1,056

Day Two I was faced with a blank page but after turning on Spotify and just letting the music play, the words came to me. I am still hung up on the story of Jesus in the Desert. I guess this will end up being the running theme. So I have a question for you, dear readers:

The word “satan” means adversary, as in an enemy meant to be conquered; stumbling block meant to be surpassed.? What are the stumbling blocks in your life? What are the adversaries? What do you want to conquer?

I know one thing that came to me after writing these 1,000 words I have found that I need to be more patient when it comes to smaller goals in life. I need to realize that sometimes the race is far more important than the finish line. 1,000 words may be my goal but the work of writing them is more important.



Thanks for sharing your journey with us, @hufflepuffbruhv. Having the chance to share this part of your personal project is really inspiring. Challenging ourselves, stepping out of our comfort zone can make us learn so many things about ourselves. Good job, friend.

What are the stumbling blocks in your life? What are the adversaries? What do you want to conquer?

Learning to let go, to accept what I can’t control. Learning to let go of regrets, missed opportunities, things I’ll never know, people I’ll never see again. Because holding on to what isn’t anymore, or what will never be, has always been a massive obstacle in my life. Hell, even to the point of refusing death as being part of life. 10/10 on a stubborn scale, lol. But more seriously, it’s all about building resilience and being focused on the present. Just a little more everyday. Probably a work of a lifetime. But being a work in progress is also what makes life so precious.

Take care, friend. Sending positive vibes your way, and peace. You got this.

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I think learning to let go is one of the hardest for most people. It is very human to hold on to the grudges of those who’ve hurt us, to not accept change when it comes. Stubbornness and the need to control our own narratives are very human as well. This is why it is hard for us to forgive people most of the time.


I often worry about being seen as crazy and I’m trying to just embrace my quirks and not care what others think.

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Rowan, being “quirky” doesn’t mean you are crazy. It means you are uniquely made. Don’t be ashamed of what others think. You might find that there are others who are just as uniquely made as you are. When I discovered that within myself much if those pointing fingers disappeared.



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