2 days away

In two days my state is gonna possibly remove my ability to get hormone treatment simply because the attorney general knows absolutely nothing about trans people and the people they listened to were crazy people who want us exterminated they have said as much publicly and I’m sitting over here having to buy my medication from over seas so I don’t get withdrawal mean while I’ve heard nothing from my doctors it’s radio silence and I have a feeling it will be till the day of and all’s Ill get is a email saying I’ve been let go of treatment

Remember it always comes back to do it your self or die trying and I’m sure as fuck not gonna let some hoa living fascist shit bags tell my queer as what I can and can’t do with my body they want freedom I’m what freedom actual looks like


Hey friend,

It genuinely sucks that you have to go through life knowing there are people who want to hurt you and erase what you are. However, I love your passion towards this topic and thing it’s a great catalyst for you to somehow, if you aren’t already, to be involved in your community to help push things forward that will see that the trans community gets the help and care you and so many others desire. remember, you are always stronger together.

Lastly, I often go back to a quote I keep top of mind whenever I run into things like this as when I was growing up in church, I was told that god created us all and he loves all of his children. “if your god hates the same people you do, it’s probably the wrong god.”


This sounds like a terrible situation to be in, and anyone talking about exterminating people is definitely not in the right.

The fact that you have to jump through hoops to try to be who you want to be has to be stressful, and I hope that you can find all the things you need to continue to grow into your best self.

I’m glad that even through hardships you are staying true to who you are, and who it is you want to become. Thank you for sharing - Thrice

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