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2 Losses in 4 months

I’ve been struggling for a long time with these losses :sob:

In June we lost our 15 year old shih tzu due to old age (obv), and then in October my 9 year year old shih poo went in for surgery and because of compilations had to put her down too. The first one was expected because she was declining and old, but this last one really has hit hard because I have had her since she was 4 weeks old and I had to bottle feed her for a while. And she absolutely was special to me and your videos really have helped me get through this and distract me. Thank you for what you do and keep on doin what you’re doin!


I’m very sorry for your losses. I have a cat with a terrible attitude, but was devastated when I thought I had lost him. The pain involved in the loss is evidence of the treasure you had and how much you appreciated it. It sounds like you made them very happy while they were with you.


For sure! It was really tough. Still is. We have a puppy still so our house isn’t completely empty but it’s hard :weary:.
Thank you for your kind words :heart:.


Oh @Chelly, I am so very sorry for your losses. It’s tough to share so much life with our fur pals, see them growing and build so many good memories with them until the time of their disappearance happens. Echoing Wings, I have absolutely no doubt that you provided them a beautiful, happy and loving life. They have been so very lucky to have you to give them so much love, care and cuddles. I hope with all my heart that the pain will give more space to the good memories, ones that you will keep cherishing dearly and would bring a beautiful smile to your face.

I’m sending hugs your way. Thank you so much for opening up today. :hrtlegolove:


I’ve avoided this topic because my grief for my pets is still so strong, especially when you’ve raised them from babies and newborns. To counter the sheer paralyzing grief, I force myself to remember the happy moments, and you’re lucky to have years’ worth of those! it’s hard to let go after so many years of friendship and soul bonding, but I always say" Years and years of joy and love, and one really really bad day.

They’d want you to be the carefee, loving and happy pet parent they knew and loved, honour them by acknowledging the grief but also living the gratitude you feel for having them in your life! Let the pup you have at home be raised by the same loving pet parent that the two gentle giants before knew.

It’ll get better, just know that they knew your love and nothing in the world is as sure as that.


@Sita Such kind and wise words (: thank you so much :blush:


@Micro Thank you so much. That means a lot :heart:


Hi @Chelly Thank you for posting here, I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you today. I have been an animal lover all of my life, infact for most of it I have preferred my beautiful pets to any human and having them by your side loving you unconditionally every day is the most amazing feeling so when its time to say goodbye its absolutely heatbreaking in every possible way. This time last year, I said goodbye to my wonderful Dog, it was genuinely one of the hardest days of my entire life, the only thing that allowed me to keep going was the knowlege that I had made given my boy years of love and happiness from the very first day to the very last. I have no doubt from the way you speak of you beautiful babies that you too did the same so you can be happy in the knowledge that they had the most wonderful life and you all were better having had eachother for that time. Our pets sadly do not live as long as we would like but lets face it even if they lived 100 years it would not be enough. I still miss Leo dreadfully but I can smile more now when I think of him my heart doesnt ache so much. I will miss him forever but I now feel blessed just to have been able to have had him in my life. I hope that this Christmas is kind to you and your little puppy keeps you nice and busy over the festive period. Much Love Lisa. :heart:
I thought I would share a picture of my Leo for you xx


Thank you so much for the kind words :heart:
We did have a lot of good memories and I’m glad to have had the privilege to know them.
I am sorry for you loss as well, he was a very handsome boy :heart:
My Christmas was actually really good! I hope you had a wonderful one as well! :heart:


Any kind of loss is hard. Losing people is difficult. Losing floofy friends is difficult as well. I think why it is hard to lose anyone, is that we shared a part of our lives with them. We created memories with them, and now that has stopped.

My first cat, Betsy, was my first pet. She was crabby and did her own thing. When she started getting old, I was still quite young and when she finally did pass away…it was hard.

My first dog, Pretzel, was the bestest dog. She barked at her reflection in the mirror. She irritated Betsy for a little bit of her life. When she passed away, my mom and I were on vacation. I learned that sometimes you can’t be there and…it was hard in its own way.

My next dog, Velvet, was my dads’ dog…but I loved her a lot too. She passed a year after my dad passed away. I really struggled with letting her go because it felt like that was the last bit of my dad. I knew it was selfish to not let her go. I like to think that my dad and she are just hanging out and doing things that they used to do.

My moms’ dog, Oliver, is getting old and I am somewhat preparing for when we need to let him go.

My cat, Stella, is such a butthead. But, she has taught me so many things already.

Cherish the good memories. Find ways to smile. Look forward to new opportunities to be joyful.


Definitely. I’m sorry for your losses as well, but it looks like you have made such great memories :heart:
Thank you for your sweet and caring words