2 Years Clean of Self Harm

I’m told not to look at the numbers, because if I stumble or relapse, then the number just makes the fall harder. But, knowing the circumstances and the life events I was dealing with at the time, this number is huge. I owe so much of this victory to Heart Support. Whenever I’ve had urges, thoughts of suicide, and continually believed this lie that I was not loved, not enough, and deserved the pain, this beautiful community came alongside of me always to encourage me, love me, care about me, and give me the hope I so desperately needed. I am so thankful to so many wonderful friends who have influenced my life for the better, and have helped shape me into who I am today. Am I perfect? No. Will I still struggle? For the rest of my days. But this life has become easier, more bearable, and more worth living because of this incredible community and the loving folks in it. Thank you to everyone, you know who you are, for being a part of my story of success. I could not have done it without you. I love you all dearly and am so thankful for your friendship, love, support, and care over the past two years. For anyone else who may be dealing with self-harm, take it from me. It’s one heck of a battle. But you can win, one day at a time.
Hold fast friends,


ERAN I LOVE YOU. I’m so proud of you friend. Congrats on 2 years, that’s amazing!
I’m so glad you are here and that we can all be a part of your story. Keep doing what you’re doing, we’re all so proud of you.

Hold Fast


Eran, friend, I love you so much. I am so incredibly thankful for you and your presence in my life. I am proud of you and so happy you are a part of this community, you bring so much good to this community. I am so proud of you. You absolutely inspire me.

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Hey Eran,

I love you so so much my friend. You’re one of the only three peole who’s stuck around for me through thick and thin! I am so freaking proud of you friend. You’ve believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and even if I never told you I believe in you too!!

Congratulations on two years clean my friend! So freaking proud of you.

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I love you dude!! I don’t think it’s a bad thing to track your success and to see how well you’re doing. I think in a way it’s motivation to NOT fall because you’ve come so far. So if you ever get tempted, just ask yourself is it worth throwing all of that time away?

I’m proud of you! You have been such a positive force in this community. Ever loving and supportive and I’m so grateful that I have come to know you and I look forward to getting to know you even more, strengthening our friendship and watching ourselves grow as time goes on. Here’s to another year!

  • Kitty