2019 Update: The Good and the Bad

First things first, I am sorry about bashing my ex on here. That was highly immature of me to do and I need to be careful about how I portray her on here even if things didn’t work out between us. So sorry about that Anjaela, if you are reading this.

Update TIME!!! First, I have been accepted into Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis for the Fall 2019 semester as a part of their Software Engineering Program. I am also halfway through my Senior year in High School as of today. Grades are good and I feel like I actually understand what I am doing. In December, I discovered a coworker has feelings for me and so did I. We decided to take it slow so that we could get to know each other better before blindly jumping into a relationship as I am not ready for another relationship yet and she is very understanding about that. The robotics team is doing absolutely great.

The bad news is that my Great-Grandmother is slowly dying. She slipped into a coma Monday and has been unresponsive since. So that is really hard.

Life has its ups and downs. I think it’s wise to take your relationship slow, and also congrats on getting into the college.
I’m sorry about your grandmother, but remember what she’d want for you. And celebrate her life, celebrate it every day.
Hold Fast :slight_smile:

@Christian_Monroe Man good on you for noticing what you did wrong and apologizing.
That is awesome news for getting into college! What great news!.

That is really mature of you for deciding to taking your next relationship slow. It can actually really help so that you both and get to know each other better during this time. Hope all that goes well!

Will definitely be praying for you and your family during this time for your Great Grandmother.
Head up and stay strong. remember you can always share how you are dealing with this process.

Thank you for sharing friend