2020 pandemic and my IEP

So with this whole pandemic , my whole I.E.P (individual education program) i feel like just want to complete garbage. Things like the academic support center and face to face tutors have been closed due to having to be 6 feet apart . I either have to be a “normal” human and take it in class to where i get stressed when i se people leaving or have to try to take it at home .
With some of my classes (math) i am able to take it in class cause its a stronger subject for me and plus i feel comfortable doing so , even though my science exams are at home to it feels like , i dont know. I am also taking a psychology class that i took my first exam at home because , yah know the thing is closed. When it comes to that exam , i just feel so blend or even frustrated because i feel like i have to wait for a email response . Just the other day i sent the email at 3 am ( didnt realize i had an exam the next day ) and when i woke up no response so i have to take it in class.
I cant wait for this pandemic to be done and over with , so i can feel like i dont have to rush to take an exam …
I wish this didnt have to happen .


hi @all_around_ashley! My name is Nicole and my heart is with you :heart::heart::heart:

My sister is going through a similar situation. She’s having to take all her classes online, without in-person access to the academic support center. Technology makes her anxious, so seeing her struggle to reach out online is very hard. One thing she has been able to do is contact disability services and has applied for extended test taking time. Do you think this would be a possibility for you?

I hope you don’t mind that I’m a praying lady. Sending up big prayers for you

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hey there @okaynicole ,
yeah i do have extended time as it is but i always feel rushed when i do take them in the classroom .

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That’s so stressful! I am so sorry that you’re going through this. School is challenging already as it is. Not having the resources from the academic support center makes it even more so. Do you think they would let you sit in the library or in a different classroom for your in-class exams?

i dont think they will since they would have to cleaan that area too @okaynicole , my college is 1 out of something of many campuses under the same name. and the campus im at we dont have a libaray that i know of since its a community college

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