21 days from now to the rest of my life

Well it’s been a bit since I was last on here I’d like to thank everyone who gave me there kind words I was having a really tough time with alcohol depression and my relationship ending and feeling worthless well as it turns out she was zig zagging between me and her ex whom she has a child with so I was facing an uphill battle anyway but through resilience I’ve made to 21 days without a drop of alcohol and my band had a show last Saturday and I told my story and after I had a really cool dude named Roger walk up to me and shake my hand and tell I wanna say congratulations and I’m proud of you for your sobriety he told me most of his life he did hard drugs and he said with time he dropped to just alcohol and pot he said however he realized that it was taking his focus away from his wife and he is now 9 months sober and he said he’s thankful because three months ago he and his wife found out that they are gonna have a baby what an amazing story I’m gonna be ok I’m living for higher purpose now to help others as I heard in a song by a gospel rapper by the name of j’son when it seems like dark clouds are following ya no that very rain make the trees grow :hugs: never give up hope


Love this man, so happy to hear that your journey is continuing in a positive direction.

But know this – more important and more TRUE than celebrating the success of your performance in your sobriety is celebrating your HEART. You are a good man, and you matter and are worthy of love whether or not your life was falling into place.

Thanks for caring for yourself and pursuing wholeheartedness. Excited for your continued progress :slight_smile:

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