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"21 Ways to Deal with a Bad Breakup"

To whoever may need to see this:

I came across this video today. The song evokes raw breakup emotions, but the video provides good, positive baby steps to recovering from a breakup (and it’s entertaining too :smiley: ). Goofy video content aside, pay special attention to the text. I love this message for recovering from a hard breakup. I think it nails it really well. There is no timetable to complete these steps and your recovery–it took me years to get over my last serious relationship–but keep these steps in mind and keep looking forward.


Hi @SheetMetalHead,

Thank you for sharing this music.

As you said the message is awesome - plus I personally enjoyed the song. :+1: Love the transition with “take a leap”. Short, simple, essential, at the right time.

Take care.

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