75 hard challenge

I am on day 1 of 75 Hard.

75 Hard…

45 min workout inside
45 min workout outside
Follow a diet
Gallon of water daily
Read 10 pages of inspirational book
No alcohol
No cheat meals
Take progress pictures

I have tried this once before and only made it 21 days.

I am focused and determined this time because I need to better my health so i can keep going.

My start weight is 392.8 so i have alot of work to do.

I will update July 1st after my first month at it.

Thank you for your support!!!


ONLY 21 days?!! Matty, that’s a tremendous effort!! Especially with zero cheat days, holy heck! I’m proud of you for what you achieved and what you will achieve

How’s it going Matty? Pumped for you <3

PS recognizing I’m the eager beaver - you mentioned updating Jul 1 - but I would love to hear how the first 6 days are going. How’s your heart? How you feeling? How’re you staying motivated/connected?

Ok broo you got it!

I am feeling very tired but I keep pushing and i am ( excuse my french ) not the bitch voice in me hold me down any longer.

Seeing and feeling great results.

Start weight was 392
Today I weighed in at 374

18lbs in 6 days!!!

Long road ahead but I appreciate the support.

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Holy moly! 18lbs in 6 days! Great job bro. Persistence. Celebrating with you today <3


I am cheering you on every step and pound of the way my friend! It’s a hard and intentional journey that is going to be worth every step. You can do this!

You said you only made it 21 days the last time. I would like to say to you that if you have a day where you do “cheat” that doesn’t mean failure. If you have a day where you don’t get all your work outs in, that doesn’t mean failure either. In mental and physical health - the journey is never linear. It’s got a few twists and bumps in it. So if you have an off day - it’s not failure, you don’t need to “start over” you just keep on moving forward with grace for yourself.

You are an amazing human being with so much love for the rest of us and I treasure your friendship. Again, I’m cheering you on and rooting for you each day. ~ Mamadien


Rooting for you bro! How are things going?

@Mattymac77 :hrtlegolove: :hrtlovefist:

Illustrated gif. A little round yellow bird stands with its wings to its side. A text bubble above its head says simply, "You got this."

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