8 days sober today

Today I am 8 days sober.

It has been a long week for me. I was arrested this past week and it hit me hard. You never realize how bad you are hurting yourself and the people around you until something like this happens. It’s been a real struggle staying sober.

I’m really taking this one day at a time but it’s going pretty good so far. I have an amazing support group in the metal scene here in Cincinnati. I am so grateful for the people around me who believe in me. I just want to hear everyone else’s struggle as well with sobriety. I want to know I am not alone in this.

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Hey, so my addiction was in the realm of sex and porn. Struggled since before I was 12. I’m almost 24 now and its something that has mostly lost its hold on me. I only struggled that long because I wasn’t ready or serious about changing for a long time. Addiction is hard in how it rewires the brain, and honestly reading up on the science behind addiction in the brain and learning from organizations like Fight the New Drug have had good impacts in helping me get further. The first couple months can be hard, but go into it with a mindset of pushing through regardless of if you fall or not. And in those moments when the urge is so incredibly strong, reminding yourself its only temporary, and that you do have the strength to ignore it. Finding new hobbies helps too, as well as mindfulness. I think it’s awesome you’re doing what you are doing! And I am glad you have an awesome support system too! Please post here whenever you need, and also, remember to give yourself grace. Relapse is normal, but doesnt have to be permanent, and the longer you go inbetween relapse, the easir it gets. Keep fighting, keep remembering why you are going sober and know we got your back here. :+1::v::heart:

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