A bit of progress

Well this is a thing that I’d never expect righting. I’m doing a bit better than Thursday. I hate posting here because I don’t like to burden others with my problems. I feel a little bit better. I might show up to SWAT tmr after my hiatus, I might not, if all depends on how the day goes. I hope you all are doing good. I have a month and 2 week no self harm streak, so I have to focus on something I can take pride in. I hope tmr will go well, ty for taking the time to read this, stay safe out there, much love, shadow.


This is a place where people find fulfillment by helping others. Sharing problems, asking for help, presents your need as a gift, a very positive thing in the life of others. When you ask for help, you’re honoring us with your trust. It’s the opposite of a burden. It’s uplifting.

Is it possible that a greater sense of connection here could support you in staying away from SH?


You will never burden or bother anyone here, @Sh6dow. People who respond to others here do so because they choose to. It is a joy to share life with one another, and it is with a lot of gratitude that your willingness to share your progress and your thoughts here is welcomed. Thank you for being here.

A month and 2 weeks is such a wonderful progress! Do you plan on doing something to celebrate that? You deserve the praise!

Thank you also for the kind and encouraging words. I hope you take care of yourself as well. As for SWAT, you are always free to join a meeting whenever you want and feel like it is healthy do so for you. No pressure on that matter, ever. :hrtlegolove:

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