A letter of thanks (to basically everyone)

@SheetMetalHead @Wings

I really don’t know how to say this. This is going to be a mess of words, and it’s probably going to be confusing.

Everyone in this community has been giving so much to me. Advice, support, comfort. I feel so stuck on trying to find the perfect way to say how i appreciate it all.

Thank you. So, so much.

To be honest, I don’t know what else to say. (This is going to come off weird) If this was “IRL” I would give you all a big hug. > <

I’m happy to know that I have support, and a place to express myself freely without judgement.

I hope I got something across with this.



hiii just wanted to say you’re loved and cared for. I’m glad you find comfort here and hope you continue to find support and comfort here:)


You absolutely have a safe place here to use whenever you need. Consider yourself hugged too! It’s our honor here to get to know you thanks to your bravery and the doors you open. Thank you for being here.


Hello Rayden,
thank you very much for these kind words for everyone here, thank you for reaching out and being here.
We are happy to help, we care and we are here, everytime you need us.
You deserve support, like everyone here.
Have a nice day, i am sure your post has made it for some.
Fell hugged my friend and greetings


It is so touching that you’ve taken the time to express your appreciation. It encourages us more than you might imagine. It’s worth remembering, one way to gain insight about yourself is to look for and appreciate things that you admire in others. Therefore, you’ve earned all the hugs for yourself that you’d give others, and then some.