A little message for y’all, hopefully useful and encouraging

2018 has been real. Everything has changed and I can’t believe I made it through the first day of 2019. I’m still trying to find my purpose in life, but I know I’m already on the right path to success. You people have helped me a lot, you were there when no one else was, and even if I haven’t been online lately I still think about you everyday. New year started with a lot of plans, some of which are already in the making: I started a one-year plan to read the whole Bible, I decided to train more in order to gain more weight, and I’m also thinking about getting my first tattoo. I don’t know how much I will achieve in 2019, but it will be a crazy year and I’m happy you’ve been (and hopefully will be) a part of this.

To anyone who succeeded, to anyone who’s still struggling:

I’m proud of you for making it through this year. It hasn’t been easy, but now you have a lot of knowledge and tools to help you through next year.

Merry new year (you have my respect if you get the quote), SEE YOU ON THE FLIP SIDE.


@frapioggia Hell yes



You’re welcome. Thank you. I hope 2019 will bring you a year of growth and humility. God bless. Stay strong.


Hoping that 2019 is a great year for you!

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Well done! Just how I like my veggie burgers!

Be careful with some of the Old Testament - I’d recommend Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the New Testament if you’re fairly new to the Bible.

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Always growing. Thanks a lot

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Hope you have a great year you too!

I’m not new, but I never read it through. Thanks a lot anyway!