A little step for a man, a giant step for myself

Hello everyone.
After a very long hiatus (over 2 years) I finally hung out with a girl. I wouldn’t call it a proper date, but haven’t had this much fun in a long long time. She’s kind, passionate, entertaining, hypnotising, talkative and interesting. Unfortunately, she lives far in the country and she’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. I wish I had the chance to know her better but you never know what happens. I wouldn’t say that I’m in love (I only had the chance to spend time with her once, even if we shared a lot of time together), but it really was everything I was looking for in a woman. I felt connected and incredibly at ease since the exact moment I saw her walking towards me. Truly a pity she’s temporarily moving to finish her studies, but it was really one of a kind.
What most important, it’s the fact that everything I was able to accomplish in these two years of mine all ended up in this. I’ve never felt so peacefully in peace in my whole life and it’s so great to have let go. I can finally foresee a great future. I can finally do the things I would never have done before, and I can do everything without any kind of fear stopping me. Sometimes I still have thoughts, but everything always come together.
I believe I am truly blessed. But with great blessing come great responsibility. I cannot thank God, my family, my friends and all the lovely people in this community enough. Hope it’ll be the same for you. It was a great journey - can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

Thank you again.

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Hi friend!

Thank you for sharing!! I am so glad that things are starting to look up for you and are feeling better! I hope that you are able to continue to find that in your life. And that in the moments of struggle that you know we are always here to listen. Sounds like you have found ways to help yourself through those times and that’s really amazing!

You are wonderful! Much love to you

  • Kitty
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