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A lot has happened these few years @kitboga

just want to say, i’ve learned so much watching the streams and gained an insight into the way vastly different people live their lives. in the past few years my dad has passed away, i’ve met the love of my life, i’ve gotten my own place. and my girlfriend Amie too, i’m very proud of how far she’s come too, and it’s thanks to people like you @kitboga. knowing that people out there that are as genuine, smart, and driven gives people like us inspiration to be better every day. no matter what you do in life. my girlfriend is high risk and has heart problems, so the whole omicron thing scares us so much that we just stay inside a lot of the time instead of spending it out with anyone else. your show gives us so much laughter and feeling that i had to give YOU some support, you mentioned ‘NO GIFTS’ so this is my gift, just heartfelt words of thanks for being you and sharing a piece of yourself on the internet. ps tell Edna i said merry Christmas!!!

-Merry Christmas!!
-Barimore and Amie


@Barimore Hey Friend thank you for your post I am sorry for the loss of your Dad, I cant imagine how hard that is.
You have moved forward and had some wonderful things happen too though and for that i am so pleased for you. I understand what you mean about the new variant, just when we all thought things were starting to improve and we could relax it all started again and yes it is frightening and its ok to feel that fear as long as it doesnt overwhelm you. If you take care of yourselves and dont rely on other people to keep you will be ok. A lot of people sadly rely on others to keep them safe and its a mistake. At least you have Kit to keep you occupied whilst you are inside. I understand it can be a lonely time but your safety and your health is worth it and this will ease im sure. The rest of your words are for Kit so I will wish you a very Happy and stress free Christmas and I hope that 2022 is kinder to us all.
Much Love Lisa. :heart:


What a truly beautiful gift for Kit, @Barimore! Words coming from the heart are always the best.

You’ve had indeed your share of major changes just in a few years. It is very special and humbling to see you here today and sharing these parts of your story.

Covid and omicron for sure have been a huge stressor for too long, and recently as well. As a vulnerable person health wise, my heart goes out to you and your girlfriend. It’s tough to see our freedom limited for the sake of our physical safety. Thankfully, beautiful content creators like Kit really have this way to make our life better and keep us focused on simple but essential joys.

Merry Christmas Barimore, Merry Christmas Amie. You are loved so much. :hrtlegolove: