A mental health crisis in school

One day I was stuggle rellay bad with my mental health and I go to school,check in with my counselor for the day I go to class and I kind just what to be left alone to do my work and had headphones in witch rellay didn’t bother the teacher untell I get to my 4 hour class period and she like you need to take down your hood and take off the earbuds and I trid to tell her nicely that I just what to be left alone and she keep going on and on and she got in my face so I pushed my desk at her out of anger.

I got the Vice principal called on me for that and all the outher kids where escorted out of the room and the vice principal trid to get me to calm down but that just made me more upset then I ran out of the room and his form her. that got the school cop to come and I go back to class pushed some more stuff over in the class then I clean up my mess.

I ran out of the class again and was going to go to office but I felt trapped so end up run past the office when the school cop showed up and I ran away form him and he was vere considering for my safety so he followed after me and trid to get me to come out when I did come out I was going to walk myself to office but instead he stop me by barhugging me/restrain me as I was a safty risk he get me to calm down and escorted me to office.

then my mother showed up and I cried on my mother and then the vice principal what to send me home but the school cop wouldn’t let her then she what to keep me in iss and the school cop wouldn’t let her I end up going back to class that day.

I don’t think there ever filled out a report that I was physical touch/restrain by the school cop they Reasoning for no report because he’s not in your school employee he just works at the school and the fact that he a police officer so he legally doesn’t have to give a report, school staff wouldn’t restrain me because they now fhe repocostion of that is so they had the school cop do it for them so they weren’t liberals witch is the most frustrating part because I was a danger to my self and outher and they did nothing about it untell the school cop show up because is legal for the school cop to restrain because he not a school employee but a police officer that works in the school.

Let me tell you the stress and anxiety I face after going throw something like that was extrem, I really turn to physical violence but I hit my break point and they saw a side that they never seen in me and I felt rellay embarrassed about as I knew I was unstable and unsafe with my self but what hurt the most is that I never got the help I need as I was sent back to class like nothing happened. I am so anger with the way the school handle someone with mental health issues I been trinities by the thing that have happened to me at that school because of my mental emotional behavior issues.


What a day! I can hear how upset and angry you are. It sounds like it was a really rough day for you. And it sounds like it’s still something that’s unresolved for you.

Are you on summer break now? Or are you still attending classes? Do you have an IEP? It seems like your mom was there for you. Is she a good support? Do you have a support system or are you fighting for your mental health alone? Only answer if it’s something you want to do and if you think it would be helpful to share more.

Thanks for taking the time to write out your post and to share a bit of your life story here~


Hi there <3

What kind of coping skills do you have to help you come down from being in fight or flight mode? What does your support system look like?


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I know that schools aren’t always the best at knowing how to handle situations and being equipped with handling them. I’m so sorry this happened. Is there a way to be able to sit down with maybe your principle and counsellor and discuss how you would best respond and what actions they can take so that they don’t escalate the situation? Maybe some outside counselling would also benefit because sometimes an outside perspective sees things we don’t.


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hi kaitlin,

thank you for being here on this forum and sharing your story and experience with the school system. i’ll be honest, schools are not and have never been fully equipped to properly support people going through mental illness or even handling the hearts of kids. they never want aggression to further escalate so their methods of restraining by a bearhug and other things they did to you that day is their usual way of managing things. if i were you, i’d find professional support elsewhere and have them teach you techniques to communicate your struggles to the heads of the school as well as managing anger in the face of resistance like when your teacher asked you to remove your hood and headphones. her job is to ensure 100% engagement from all students so i’m sorry things escalated so much with her to lead into the struggles you face now. sending you comfort and love as you strategize what the best options are for you to be the bigger person with adults that aren’t equipped to understand all the emotions kids face. you got this, kaitlin, i believe in you.



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Hi kaitlin I am so sorry. How do I put it. School sucks. it sucked for me and for a lot of other people I know. its really not a good place for kids but they still have to go through it and the damage is done. I feel like schools tend to do the bare minimum the have to most of the time and dont go overboard with caring. You can still go to the school councelor and tell them how you feel and it might help but for a consistent help, I would try looking for other sources of support outside of school. Do you go to the therapist? It might be good to have somebody like that to talk to. they can also help you cope with anger and other stuff. I hope you will get the help you need. Hang in there kaitlin. I wish you a lot of luck.


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Hello, kaitlin! Thank you for sharing this story with us and I’m sorry that your school didn’t know how to deal with the situation in a proper way. Schools really aren’t equipped or trained how to deal with mental health issues and it really is a problem that I wish could be fixed

If you want to help change things at least in your school you could try thinking about what you thought they should have done in the situation or how you would like them to handle things in the future and write it in a letter that you give to the administration. They may think that what they were doing was the best thing when you know that something else would have helped more. I believe that they should be the adults in the situation and create that dialogue with you but sometimes being proactive and creating that conversation is what needs done. That expression “be the change you want to see in the world” is sometimes very true and it may be what the situation calls for.

I hope that your school can find a way to support you that you agree with and I hope that things can get better for you. Good luck and keep us updated. Hold fast :hrtlegolove:


Thanks you all for your response this happened Earlier in school year. I still never got the help that I need for my mental illness wise. I do have a iep for Learning disabilities and Emotional behavioral disturbances or ebd

later in the year I told them/showed them that was self harming and they didn’t do shit besides tell me that I had a safe place to go if needed during the day and that they would make a call to my parents which they did but my parents just didn’t give a shit so I never got help there either.

I got a behavioral intervention plan and a safety plan at school way after this happened as I had smaller behavioral issues, it It didn’t really fix my issues it just kind of mask my issues but I still had problems at school even or after all that .

I did go to therapy for a while I was on meds for a while but my parents given up on therapy and meds and doctors so that I lost cause now.

Thankfully I don’t have to go back next year because I graduated high school finally, I never want to go back.

I never really got to talk about the issue with anyone after that day as They kind of pretended like it never happened The only time it was brought up was when they were making my BIP and safety plan that was it very successful Because it never got to the cause of the Struggles I was having.

Yeah public school it’s not a place for a special needs child with Learning disabilities and EBD they made my life a living hell but I made it throw did the other side.

I was complicated for the school that I went through 6 Special ed teachers in four year And was successful with one of those teachers where I didn’t have behavioral issues according to them.

They really tried to support me but they failed so many times, They had all these accommodations And place in hopes to prevent my behavioral outbursts that work sometimes but it didn’t work often.

I struggled with authority as I have opposition defiant disorder so me being told to take out my headphones and pull down my hood was the last straw for me as I was aright not having a good morning I trid to hold it together but by the time I realized it it was too late and I can get myself to calm down because the Vice Principal was putting on all these demands on me which just make me more agitated all I what was so peace and out and I didn’t get that so the whole situation just got boil and out of proportion rather quickly.

I did my best to take care of my mental health but some days are really bad and I was not in a good state of mind that day and I let it get the better of me and lashed out at people I care about witch sucks.

I really didn’t have support system for my mental health at the time besides my mom somewhat but she stuggle to understand why I did what I did so for the most part I fight the battles alone.

I hope that make sense and you got a better idea of what was going on at the time.


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