A Message to Anyone Who May Need it

If you are smoking, stop immediately. If you are considering smoking, DON’T.

Smoking killed my grandfather and now my uncle is addicted too and isn’t even trying to stop.



I feel you. My mom lost her dad to smoking(and heart falliure, but that was probably caused by smoking), and my dad smokes a pack a day. My mom used to smoke but she vapes now. I find it annoying because she does it everyday. She quit smoking, but the whole point of quitting for good is to lower the amount of nicotine until you don’t need it anymore.


my life is useless, so i refuse to quit, i smoke for ab one year now, which got me addiction, but i try my best to hurt myslef as much as i can so can stop feeling pain.

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Please stop. Get help. Try to fix your life rather than throwing it away.


It sounds like you are trying to exchange one kind of pain for another. Smoking is a very temporary distraction, but ultimately you will find that rather than stopping pain, it will add to it.

I guarantee, in fact I’ll bet my life and soul, that you are not useless. I don’t know what your situation is, but change always happens. Be fair with yourself. You might be disappointed with yourself in some ways, but there is so much more to you than your shortcomings.

I felt worthless for a long time too. I also smoked heavily for an embarrassing length of time. In my case, smoking reinforced my low self-esteem. However, I felt really good about being able to quit. It let me know that I really did have some willpower, and it helped me to believe I could make other positive changes as well.


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