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A Need For Prayer

I promise, this is totally related to mental health.

I’m struggling. My mental health has, like everyone else’s, taken a hit with COVID-19. I also work in the medical field, in a hospital, so it’s been scary. I’ve been lucky for the most part during this pandemic, but recently (as in the last couple days), I found out my roommate tested positive for COVID. And of course, I’d had contact. And in the last couple days, because apparently he’s been sick since the 12th or longer, I’ve come down with shortness of breath and chest pressure and pain. My COVID test is for tomorrow and I’m legitimately scared that it’s going to be positive. If so, I’m going to miss work and lose out on wages that I desperately need. We’re not getting hazard or COVID pay, so it’s not like I can miss work and be fine.

I haven’t always been the best person, and I’m not religious at all. But I guess, it doesn’t hurt to ask for prayers, thoughts, vibes, etc, during this time. Much thanks and much love to all of you.


Hi. Thanks for sharing your concern. Sending prayers, positive thoughts and vibes your way.
I hope the best for you!


Hello Tarainutah,

I am not religious, but my positive vibes go with and for you. I hope for the very best result for you. I cannot imagine the pressure you’re under now. Virtual hugs are safe - so please feel hugged.


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I’m going to send prayers to everyone with Covid, but I’m sorry that I don’t think very positively.

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I will pray tonight for you

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Hey Tara,

All my thoughts and positive vibes go to you right now. I’m so thankful for what you do, especially in the midst of a pandemic. You’re a fighter. I can’t imagine how stressful it is to deal with this uncertainty right now. And I truly hear your concerns about being paid - concerns that are absolutely valid. Though from my own position I also think about your health right now and I hope with all my heart that this test will come back as negative. Please let us know how things are going for you. You’re in my thoughts.

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