A new parasite is about to be spawned (Lol)

(warning: this is just a simple post about what just happened, nothing bad, so please do not read if you haven’t read others posts yet.)

Hi my sister’s baby is about to spawn into existence. We are very excited and Niko wants to out the whole system to the baby when they get older, since he’s not allowed to tell anyone we are a system and he’s been wanting to for a while. I’m excited for the baby and hope she is going to have a good life, at the same time tho I’m pissed bc we aren’t allowed to visit them until like maybe a week.
Anyways I guess I’m just excited, but I’m also just in awe at the fact that there are things in this world that you never knew were gone until they start existing, reminds me alot about my headmates. One day there is no one, suddenly there is someone in your life you question how they never existed the day before. It’s such an odd feeling. Anyways tho, yea!

We have to get back to school but we can’t wait to go home and play viddy games bc it’s the weekend finally. Also Xaii found some cool music and I need a mouse for our laptop bc the game is being annoying ._.

-Xaii & Niko


I laughed for a few mins at this. I relate “spawn” to a survival game and I pictured the baby spawning on a beach naked with a rock. Now they have to hit rocks and trees to make tools, then find food and water and build a shelter. I don’t know why that tickled my soul, but it did lol.

I hope your sister’s delivery goes smooth and everyone is healthy!


At least if she is not being referenced in the way Dan Aykroyd used in one of his movies, when he referred to middle classed children as “yuppie larvae.”

Anyway, I don’t know if there’s anything that feels better than holding a new baby. Don’t worry, she will still be new after a week. Now you get to be a favorite uncle.

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i love this post!!

No clue what what was spawning and was super pumped and excited to realize that it was a baby that was the source of excitement!

Hope you have a great time when you finally meet the spawn! thank you for the giggle of the day!

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