A place of no return

so i started smoking weed when i was 12 and then went to molly then cocaine and then heroin and now that im three days sober from drugs ive replaced it with alcohol. I feel like im in a place of no return

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Hey man, I can’t even begin to imagine the circumstances of the situation you’re living in and I‘m sorry to hear that you have to go through this and have to face these drug problems!

Even though I may not be the right person to tell you which exact steps you need to take, because I simply don’t know what options there are in your country/local area in terms of medical help,substitute programs or anything similar, I definitely think you took the first one in the right direction by posting on here. The place you’re in is without a doubt a hard one to get out of, but not a place of no return!

I’m just one of many people on here that hear your troubles and I think you’re very courageous for opening up on here.

Hold fast, my friend!