A question about support. V1 (how to help someone with DID?)

Hey everyone,

A good friend of mine has been recently diagnosed with DID or multiple personality disorder and I do have some xp with people who had that disease,but I want to ask for some advice from the fine ppl here at heartsupport on how can I support them in the best way possible?

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Sometimes, when it comes to anything in life…you are just there for the person. It does not always have to look like something big and wonderful, sometimes it can be small and thoughtful. Let them know that you are there for them and just be there. I know they will appreciate that more than they can express.

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Thanks for responding starfox,I get that its good enough to be out there for that person and be for them,listen to their problems,keep their secrets.and I do my absolute best to do that you know,but I want every bit of advice everyone here has you know,so I can improve and round out my capability so to speak.

Hey Xavier.

Thank you so much for reaching out the way you do. It’s awesome to care like this, and I hope you’ll get some helpful answers.

I’ve edited the title of your topic, just so people can directly see what it is about in case they relate or have something to share with you.

Take care. :hrtlegolove:

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