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A question I always ask myself


You know how it feels when is there something new? But, the new gets old easily for me. That’s why I moved on to be somehow a different person. Grown but, a little childish. However, throughout my life. I would always ask myself. When we’ll I be noticed of what do than what I change myself unto? I believed, I hoped, I sacrificed choices, I fought strong. However, I felt like doing something that I wanted to achieve greatly was something I didn’t care anymore. I knew who I was, but sadly. The old is starting to fade. I want the old me back but, more determined! I’m starting care less of my actions and what I do. Then I’ve noticed, when before. I was strictly determined up to the point where it has gone down then the green arrow increases? (It’s grades). I’ve always wondered, “Will this ever be the same?”



I ask myself those questions too if I truly change. Time only takes. You are in a season. It won’t last. It feels like is taking forever, but it is not. I encourage you to be patient. You will become a better person. It is up to you to make changes happen. I hope you are having a restful evening, and thank you for being honest. God bless you.


I guess so. Yeah, I’ve been always in a position were I kept on asking. I had so many questions unanswered that barely anything happens.