A question to myself:?

Hey there, so i was walking towards home and once again these questions popped into my mind :who am i, what I am doing, is this even real or something else. I know these things may sound crazy to few but that’s how things are going sometimes. As far as I am busy and I don’t start thinking I am ok… Just as when I am idle or alone these things start covering my head and I get confused and start questioning my own existence although I know I am real and alive but somehow I can’t convince my mind this all. I do believe this all will be over one day and I will start living a normal when I wouldn’t question my existence and wouldn’t have this emotional numbness that I feel now.


Hey Junaid.

Asking ourselves who we are and what we are doing can be very scary sometimes. Suddenly, we interfere with what is generally automatic to us. We see everything through the eyes of a stranger, as if we were just an alien who only starts to walk on Earth, both amazed and afraid by all the nonsense around. It reminds me of this sensation we can have when we repeat the same word again and again… suddenly it resonates a lot more for how it sounds, and loses its meaning at the same time. It becomes empty, strange, confusing. Just a pile of letters. When I think that way about myself, with too much distance or disconnection, I’ll feel crazy and scared of feeling trapped in a body, of being a pile of cells from a biological standpoint.

It will be over one day, yes. Maybe not constantly. Maybe you will still have these moments and shifting your perspective. But you’ll be more confident in knowing who you are. You will come back “home” more quickly, and these temporary wanderings would feel less scary. Somehow, it’s not at your own disadvantage either, as it brings you a real perspective of being inherently a human being, which can result in a deep feeling of humility and being able to focus more on what is truly essential in your life.

I believe you will get there. I have no doubt you will, actually. Everything at its own time. Somehow, there’s nothing more powerful (yet scary) that learning to know yourself in such a deep way. That’s how you’re going to build for yourself the strongest backbone you could have. :hrtlegolove:


Hey @Junaid

First of all I want to assure you that those thoughts are pretty normal, at least for the people I’ve talked to. And if not, then there’s at least a couple other people out there who have those thoughts :smiley:

I like to actually question myself on these relatively frequently, as I find it productive in making sure I’m going in the right direction. It’s like a quick checkup on where I’m at, where I want to go, and my route to get there.

When you start having these thoughts, maybe you could try adding one more to them? That being: “How does the answer to these questions impact my life?”.

Think about it, we can ask ourselves a million questions, and spend many many years answering them, but if we do nothing with that information, they’re kinda useless questions right? Does the question “What am I doing?” really matter if the answer doesn’t ACTUALLY change anything in your real life?

So I’d say when you think those thoughts, try to tie them back to reality. Try to see how the answer might change your life. Attach real-world action to those questions, and try to shift away from questions that have answers that don’t really result in action of any kind. Ask questions, and spend time answering them, only if they have a productive impact on your life and move you in the right direction.

We can spend all the time in the world thinking about things, and questioning things, but if we don’t take any action from all of that, they don’t really do more than stress us out.

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