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is it normal to experience feeling empty?

everytime i’m not seeing anyone and when i’m alone by myself,

i feel a sudden rush of sadness. i feel lost, even. of course, i admit that i haven’t felt good for weeks. unwanted, useless and suicidal. stressed, hopeless.

i have been spending half of my holidays, trying to get rid of those feelings by dancing & watching videos that could possibly make me happy. it did. for some time. but when i’m back with nothing to do, i feel unusually lost. so is that normal?

Hi Jessa.

Yes! This is normal and very common actually. I promise you aren’t weird or strange. It’s actually something I myself battle with. The quiet can be really loud sometimes, yea? It can really just leave this empty void and sense of loneliness that quickly can turn into feeling depressed, sad, anxious and stressed.

As someone who battles with a lot of health issues both physically and emotionally, I spend a lot of time at home because I am unable to work out of home. So like you, I have to turn to things to try to get through that empty feeling that may occur.

Some things that have helped me get through that:

  • Visiting the Heart Support streams. As an artist, I really appreciate watching DanMakesHisMark. One of the guys in Heart Support, if you don’t already know that. He focuses a lot on creative encouragement. Not only helping us with his knowledge, but also sharing so many beautiful pieces of art that he does on stream with others who may be hurting. His encouragement not just to myself, but to others really lifts me up. You can find his stream at twitch.tv/danmakeshismark

Or there is Casey. If you enjoy metal and music, he’s your guy. He produces and performs on stream while also encouraging others from the community. He’s also extremely funny and silly which is a really nice pick-me-up when having a bad day. you can find him at twitch.tv/caseyscreamsback

And of course all of the HeartSupport streams! If you haven’t already been doing that. Attending all of these streams in my day has seriously helped me so much and it kinda fills that silence when you are alone by yourself. I know sometimes its easy to miss those streams if you are working or at school. But there are VODS. You can go into their old videos and watch recordings. I know its not the same as live chat, but it still something to listen to, to help the silence and gain some positive encouragement. twitch.tv/heartsupport is where you can find that. You are also welcome to join the discords!

  • Something else that helps me that I am always telling people about is MEDITATION. And the great thing about that is, you can find that all over the internet. FREE. Youtube has all kinds of free guided meditation audio or just meditative sounds. Which can be good for sleep, anxiety, studying, reading or whatever. You can look into HEADSPACE which is an app you can get on your phone. Lots of free meditational stuff there. With some in app purchasable stuff only if you want. And there are sites like RAINYMOOD which offer really calm nature sounds to help with anxiety and stress. Check those out!

You can also look up Dwarf Planet and ReWrite. Which are two guides and workbooks for depression and self harm. Rewrite is the book for self harm. You could read whichever you feel would be helpful to you. And those can be found on Amazon to purchase. Or if you check out the Heart Support shop there is a place to request a free copy if you can’t buy them right now. Maybe working through these books could help you with some of that emptiness you are feeling.

  • What sort of things do you enjoying my friend? I find watching step-by-step paint tutorials by TheArtSherpa has been really therapeutic for me. Its like one of those paint and sip classes only from the comfort of your own home and it’s all free! Do you like to paint? If not what things do you enjoy? Photography? Hiking? Rock Climbing? Shopping? What kinds of things are you passionate about? Both in and out of your home. What are some things that have helped you in the past? Or what new things interest you that maybe you could look into and try?

Id love to hear about it.

Anyway friend. I hope that you get feeling better. I hope that you are able to find the strength and courage to fight against this emptiness and that you find peace and healing. You are loved here. You matter. We care.

  • Kitty
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