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A silly skit :) just for laughs

Saw this funny skit based on the world’s worst therapist from my fave group in the world.

Once the therapy setting brings insight and progress, that counts right?

A bit of language warning (B word), and it does poke fun of the therapy setting… Hoping it can bring some giggles to you as it did for me.


Totally funny and kind of sends a message too.


Oh I love Viva la dirty league :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you fo sharing. :wink:

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yay you know them :smiley:

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Yes they are amazing :grin:. I absolutely love this one from them… Preparing for battle in The Witcher - Preparation - YouTube

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this one had in sad tears (as opposed to laughing tears)
the guys tap into some real emotions in their skits!

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Yeeh some of them are really deep… but i really like the funny ones that are kind of dumb but great at the same time like this one World of warships battle plan - War Room - YouTube

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