A thank you... or 6

So. This more of a thank you post. A thank you to the community as a whole, and to certain, individual people. Today I handed in an application to rent a place. It hasn’t been accepted yet, but, even if it ends up being declined, this is something I never in a million years thought I would even consider doing and I know that I now have the confidence to keep trying until I am accepted. So… Even though very recently, faith has played a huge part in getting here, you guys have too and I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and been with me on this crazy journey - I still have a long way to go, but, this is the first step to being able to get out of a toxic situation. A special thank you to these people;

@Casers - If it weren’t for you, Casey, I don’t think I would have ever become a part of this community. I didn’t realise I had an addiction until I came into the stream one day and you sat and spoke to me about it… Somehow from there, we started talking on discord and you encouraged me to write on the support wall for the first time… You always push me, to make sure I do the things I need to do and you never stop supporting me. I can always rely on you in the moments I need someone to push me and encourage me. You always know what to say. Whenever I come to you for advice or because I just straight up need someone to tell me I’m just making up excuses not to do things, you’ve always got the right words to make me think and get me back on track. You were a huge part of my long walk into faith, and, you were the one that helped me to finally accept God and allow Him into my life… I won’t ever forget that moment that we sat together and did that.

@Danjo - You have become one of the most trusted people in my life… I remember the day you suggested I looked into starting NA meetings after reading my support wall topic, which lead on to the first conversation about my abusive family… After that, we continued to talk about that and you learnt more and more about me and my situation, until we got to a few months ago… Where you asked me to trust you to help me with getting out my house. You suggested I allowed you to help me control what I spend my money on, and agree it stay that way until I get out… Which, with my addiction to spending money forced me a few months later to get to today :stuck_out_tongue: As I mentioned above, faith has played a big part in this too, and, you continue to help me grow in my relationship with God - something I was terrified about before, but, knew I wanted because I wanted to feel that safety and love that I felt when we spoke for the first time.

@taylor - You… Are definitely the one that brings out the best and worst in me haha! You’re always pushing me to do things, but, never let me get away with not doing them. Whether it’s through making me promise, or giving you proof… There’s no getting around you! However… With that said, you are probably one of the friendliest and bounciest people I’ve ever met, and I know that whenever we talk, I’m going to be smiling by the end of it! You are an amazing person and I definitely would not have gotten to this point without you. Like Dan and Casey, you continue to help me grow in my faith, and the times that we have prayed together have been some of my favourite moments. I’ll never forget your face the day you saw me in Texas for the first time and how you literally jumped on me, I’d never had someone so happy to see me! It was one of the best feelings.

@anon17277947 + @Hushy - You 2 make it on the list too! Even though you guys haven’t been as directly involved with my recovery as the others, you have always been the first people to check on me after you know something has happened, or if you don’t think I’m feeling right. Whenever I have come to you both, you have just spoken to me, not necessarily about what’s going on, but, just been there to chat, and honestly, that does make all the difference and I appreciate it just as much as the others.

@alilkatiekatt @Palefires @JosyTheTree - thank you for being like the sisters I wish I had… When I think about you guys, I think about what example I want to be for you. I care about you all so much, and I want to be able to support you the best way I can, I want to be that safe person for you, and that helps me in certain moments to listen to the people who keep pushing me to move forward. You are 3 very special people in my life, just like the others. I know that you guys don’t always feel that, but, it’s the truth and it won’t ever change.

I love you all! You guys are amazing.



Love you, Kayla!
I’m very proud of you! This is really huge for you! There are a lot of places out there so I hope that this place works out, but if for some reason it doesn’t, don’t let your guard down! You’re taking the steps you need to move forward and that is a big big thing. I hope you are incredibly proud of yourself as well.

Love love love

  • Kitty


Thank you for sharing! We love you! 🥰

We love you Kayla, Thank you for being a part of our community.