A vent poem. Tw: cursing, names

“Worthless” .
Hold it in.
Deep breathes.
Use coping mechanism.
Don’t throw that them ignore them.
Walk away. Walk away. Deep breath. Don’t throw that light. Don’t say something you’ll regret you love them they are your parents, brother, sibling…
“Get out of my house, I’m kicking your out your nothing but a disgrace, you don’t clean around the house therapy isn’t helping, why can’t I have a normal daughter your cousin doesn’t act like this I wish we didn’t chose to have you”.

I told you to hold it I told you to take deep breaths I told you to use coping mechanism, maybe therapy isn’t working, maybe you are worthless, because normal children obviously wouldn’t lash out they would be helpfull they would be respectful and nice

Horrible, useless, empty, abusive. You are a horrible human being , you won’t succeed in life.
“I didn’t mean it”
“I didn’t mean it”
“I didn’t mean it”
“I didn’t mean it”
“Your abusive! We parent you give you a house food, love, we buy you things we understand you deserved to be called those things maybe if you haven’t done this, said that we wouldn’t”.

“I’m sorry mom, I will try to work on my self”
“That’s okay you, J we love you”

“Vile creature”
Not again here it goes, a endless cycle of insults, yelling, names, threats.
I thought we improved j?
Oh well haha I guess we didnt.

Just a vent poem to get my feelings out im doing better, or atleastt i hope so working on my self :]


It’s especially hard to be around people who say they love you, but don’t respect you.

It’s good that you came here to vent. Despite your parent’s age, the name-calling is evidence of immaturity.

Keep working on yourself. Your parents may continue being immature, but you will keep getting better.

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Thank you for sharing this. It’s very powerful.
I hate that you’ve had people gaslighting your therapy as if you’re the problem and it hasn’t been helping. That must be very painful to hear!
I’m so glad you’re here and sharing this with us.
I hope being able to write it out has helped in your healing.

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