A vicious cycle

Hi, I’m 29/f and I’m feeling like my moods are uncontrollable. For a few days I feel normal and hopeful and then suddenly i’m stricken w/ anxiety or depression or both. It’s a never ending rollercoaster. It seems like no matter what I do to help (ie. therapy, running, medication, yoga, stretching) my moods it just doesn’t work. I’m currently in a dead end job, my relationship is lacking in support and I just want to move forward with my life. Every time I’m experience the bouts of normal/good moods I try to make plans, goals and move towards them but then I hit a wall. It feels like i’m spinning my wheels and it will NEVER end.

Hey there,

I can imagine that is extremely frustrating. Although it feels like you aren’t making any progress, actively working towards healing like you have been doing is so important. I think it’s really great that you have continued to try different things to help yourself rather than doing nothing. At least by trying these different things you will be able to eventually find the right combination that works for you. Keep going and soon you will find the right combination! You can do this!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

I understand this vicious cycle. I don’t often talk about it or share it in the moment, but it’s one that I’m in constantly. Therapy was hard for me to give into. I didn’t I know how to approach it or what to say. There are a million things that make me feel broken inside and an hour hardly ever felt like enough. By the time the hour was done it felt like I had just started.

Like you, I try all kinds of things to help myself and somehow I still struggle. But no matter how hard we struggle we have to keep pushing on. Like Hannah said. It’s so important that we keep on trying to actively do things to thrive towards healing. It’s not always an easy journey. It’s often a difficult one. But in the end we will become stronger from it.

I’m sorry you feel so stuck. I truly understand the feeling. I hope that you are able to find something that brings you peace and comfort. You are so important and so loved. Never forget that. You don’t have to go at this alone.

Hold Fast

  • Kitty

There are times that we feel that there is no end in sight and we just want to give up but don’t worry you’ll be okay, just continue what your doing try to be a better person so you can grow and heal in mind, body and soul. Try to keep a journal and keep a log of things and goals you want to do and write down how will you achieve them.