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Hi I just found this video about the fake beta, alfa, sigma masculinity and stuff like that. I think the person in it made some good points. I think there is a lot of these “how to be a masculine guy” or “how to be alfa” kind of videos, espesially from the bodybuilding/self help types and this video brings some fresh air into place filled with those kind of videos. Feel free to tell me what you think about it :wink:. We need good men, not fake alpha males - as illustrated by Jack Murphy's meltdown - YouTube


This is needed so much nowadays. I wish I could pull my friends who got caught in this trap out of it.


“Boys don’t cry” is such a lie. Men, Women, any other gender or no gender at all, we all experience the same spectrum of emotions and, as human beings, have similar needs.

Most of my life I have identified as a woman, and after being hurt by some men, I realized that I often unconsciously seeked in men of my life the need for a reassuring, grounding, protective presence, to the point of forgetting sometimes that their emotions were also very real. And when people express that they perceive this masculine side in me, I feel complete. But it’s a double-edged sword. Even a stigma that is preached as positive actually has its hurtful side if not balanced or approached reasonably.

Toxic masculinity is about how one perceives himself, but also how other genders perceive men. Loved this video and how it makes me think of my own contributions to this kind of pressure that is put on men. Being under the daily pressure of what is expected for women, I easily forget how hard it can be for men as well, in different ways.

One’s personality is so unique and to be treasured. It would be a shame to dismiss it just under the guise of gender’s social expectations. There is so much more to each and every soul that populate this world. :hrtlegolove:


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From: ManekiNeko

the whole alpha male trope actually terrifies me. The amount of videos/TikTok’s/podcasts that are men either trying to tell other men how to be a man in a toxic way or telling men how to treat women (because non binary or gender fluid or trans don’t exist in their world) or better yet, giving women advice! All I can say is the more non toxic men push back at this toxicity the better. Mutual respect and communication is always going to be the ultimate goal.