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About me (in response to andrew and beardy's support video)

I saw the video for me that @beardy was in and I noticed he said hearing more about me would be cool or something and he wanted me to post again. So I guess this post is just things about me. Well, I guess I’ll just go from the start, My name’s Ashley, I’m a 15-year-old girl, I’ve been diagnosed with high anxiety, depression (due to recent events), and ADHD. I play multiple instruments, like the guitar, ukulele, banjolele, guitalele, clarinet, a little bit of cello, and a little bit of piano. I’m getting a little worse at playing them though because I haven’t been motivated enough lately to practice. I just remembered this but my therapist made me sign a contract saying that I’d stop self-harming, and if I do she’ll send me to the hospital, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be self-harming for a while. I like singing and I think I’m pretty okay at it, I’m not tone-deaf or anything so that’s dope. I don’t know what else there is to say about me so I guess that’s it.


You also have great taste in anime based on ur pfp :slight_smile: haha! Thats all very cool though! I am glad you are trying to stop self harming. It is very hard but its a good habit to get out of. Even if it feels like it helps it really further hurts you emotionally

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I’m so glad you posted again! And it’s good to hear you won’t be self-harming. I think it’s really cool how much you enjoy music and playing instruments! I play a few myself, and actually something I’ve been hearing lately has been making me enjoy playing them even more. What I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot is this quote about how one of the worst things to happen to our generations has been the ‘commodification’ of our habits.

Basically, you enjoy a thing, and immediately people put pressure on you to get good at that thing so you can make money off of it. The whole, ‘do what you love thing.’ But, that kinda sucks. Because, and this is killer- YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE GOOD AT WHAT YOU ENJOY. That blew my brain. Because I enjoy a metric crapton of hobbies. And I’m not super good at any of em. Not. One. But dammit if I don’t love playing all my instruments even if I’ll never be a virtuoso at them.

If you truly want to be an expert at a craft, then by all means, practice! But if practicing stresses you out, and takes the joy away from what you love…well, I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to just be okay. Take the obligation part out of it-just pick up one of your instruments, and play some notes. Anything. Whatever sounds good to you and makes you happy.

I hope that helps a bit. Again, Ashley, I’m very glad to see you post again, and I hope you’ll keep singing and playing music if it makes you happy :slight_smile:


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