So uhm, my moms wife, pushes me and grabs me and throws me and idk what to do. I’m living with my dad but everyday he yells at me for doing nothing, or simply asking a question. I don’t want to go into foster care and i dont have a friend to stay with, but I really really don’t want to live here. I’m only 13 so I feel basically cooked. I really need help.

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From kitkatwrites: https://www.childhelphotline.org should help if you live in the US. You are loved. I’m so sorry dear.

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Hey friend,

Thank you so much for sharing about this here. You absolutely don’t deserve to be treated like this, and even less to be left alone in this environment and situation. It sounds like your mom is mistreating you, and it’s okay to talk about it as well as seeking support for this. I heart your fear about potentially going into foster care, although this can really depend on the situation itself, how it evolves over time and the country you’re in. Not all services systematically revert to foster care, and when they do it’s under specific conditions. In any case, you deserve to be in an environment that is safe, and child serves can help your parent make your home safe. Sometimes parents need help in learning how to be good parents, and until they learn that and prove to be able to be a parent, their children are taken care of for them. That’s what those services are for. It’s okay to reach out to them and let them know about your situation. Even at first by staying anonymous and only to ask questions/receive specific information if you prefer and if it could help reassure you. You don’t have to go through this alone. There are resources out there for you, and what you’re going through right now doesn’t have to be a place to be stuck in. :heart: