Acedia is hitting me pretty hard

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling numb and disconnected from almost everything, I thought I was getting depressed again but started reading the dwarf planet and realized what I’m feeling is more connected to acedia. I don’t know what to do to combat it though, and it has started to make me waste time dwelling in negative thoughts like I’m gonna be alone, I’m gonna lose the person I love and I’m worthless. Worst part is I believe my significant other is going through acedia as well and I’m not sure how I could begin to help her if I can’t help myself.

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Hello friend, thanks for sharing.

I don’t know a lot about acedia so I’ll check out, but why don’t you start by talking with your special one?

Sometimes the mind plays you, but you have a purpose and feeling numb or disconnected is sometimes normal. If the feel gets more frequent though, feel free to reach out. Concentrate on the things you love doing, and the things you are good at doing, even the simplest and dumbest things. You have still a lot to experience and give to this world, and you don’t even know how much you are worth.

pioggia :sunflower:

You might think it is apathy or laziness. Yet it could be something much more behind the scenes going on. I recommend you both go to a group (support) or take some sessions with a therapist.

Find out if it goes deeper than just being apathetic or uncaring.

Hi friend.
Don’t be afraid to reach out! I feel we all go through period like that, i know i do, but if you’re concerned it’s never a bad idea to reach out to professionals or a trusted counselor or pastor. Hold fast and know that everything will be ok! Praying for you.

Know God’s got you too and He will help if you let him :slight_smile: <3